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  • Highly skilled in R, Python, Bash, JavaScript, RStudio, Jupyter Notebook, Git/GitHub
Web development

R Shiny, JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS


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Last updated on 2020-07-28.


Axel-Cleris Gailloty

Currently searching for an internship in Data Science

I would like to join a team of data scientist to complete my Master Degree in Applied Economics.


Université d’Angers

Master Degree in Economics : Ingeneering and Assessment

Angers, France


UC San Diego (edX)

MicroMasters in Data Science. 3/4 certificates validated.

edX, online


Université d’Angers

Bachelor in Economics, with Honours.

Angers, France


Professional Experience

R Shiny Developer, intern

CERDI CNRS (Center for Studies and Research in Development Economics)

Clermont-Ferrand, France

April 2020 - July 2020

  • Used R and the Shiny framework to develop the EIVE (Economic Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions) application.
  • Styling the app with CSS and JavaScript
  • Implementing various functionalities such as leaflet maps, data visualization tools, authentication handlers all implemented with R.

Data Scientist, intern

SAS LogoSapience

Saint-Jean de Linières, France

April 2019 - June 2019

  • Used R and Python to implement a content-based recommander system
  • Designed a database with PosgreSQL to store the outputs of the computations made with R
  • Communicating with the front-end teams for better integration

Selected Projects

EIVE (Economic Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions)

A Shiny web application geared towards researchers in Economics and Volcanology to create a community led database for the economic consequences of volcanic eruptions.

Clermont-Ferrand, France


Axel-Cleris Gailloty, Hajare EL HADRI, Michaël GOUJON, Raphaël PARIS.

Indeed’s webscraper

A Shiny application that translates the requests of users into valid HTTP requests sent to the Indeed’s server. The returned HTML is then parsed to extract valuable information representedwith visualization tools part of the rich ecosystem of R.

Angers, France


Economic Litterature

An NLP project with Python that uses various techniques to study how economic litterature has evolved since Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.
The project uses the word2vec algotithm to embed the texts and keep their context.

Angers, France




Associate Professor in Econometrics at Université d’Angers

Angers, France

Michaël GOUJON

Associate Professor at CERDI (Clermont-Ferrand)

Clermont-Ferrand, France

François CADEAU

CEO of SAS LogoSapience

Saint-Jean de Linières, France

Antoine TANGUY

Principal Economist at National Office of Statistics (NSO) of Malta